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Educational material we offer to our customers.

At George Carruthers & Sons Ltd we are dedicated to ensuring that our schools continue to provide an environment through which all young people can learn and take steps to enhance their health and well-being and whilst so doing reach their full potential both in terms of educational and health outcomes. It is vital that our children and youths develop the knowledge and skills to allow them to eat healthily and make healthy choices not just within school but outside as well. George Carruthers & Sons Ltd offers educational talks and material to schools, clubs and youth centers. 

For more information regarding educational talks or materials please contact the business development team.

George Carruthers eat well plate card

An example of one off the educational cards we offer.

Work experience and apprenticeship oportunities

George Caruthers & Sons Ltd runs a work experience and apprenticeship program for local people, local businesses and schools provide training and employment and advice which can make a real difference to their success. Building relationships with the community is very important to George Carruthers & Sons Ltd. Providing work placements, apprenticeship programs and establishing community links is one of the businesses objectives with the aim of improving they employability within our local area.

To apply to the apprenticeship program, or enquire about work experience please contact the business development team. 


Tel: 0141 552 1581

Some of the team at George Carruthers

Some of the team at George Carruthers & Sons Ltd

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